Automotive Services

Jim Barbey Automotive offers over 20 years of experience in a state of the art repair facility. Our ASE certified technicians strive to provide you with the best service in a timely manner. We use only quality parts and Original Equipment Manufactured Parts purchased from dealers. All brand tires, belts, and hoses come with nationwide warranties.

Our fully computerized office handles billing efficiently and service reminders and recommendations are handled electronically. A service history is kept on file for all vehicles ensuring a complete and thorough job.

We are proud to be a Maryland State Inspection Station. The shop also offers Fleet services.

Here is a list of some of the services we provide:

Brake Systems
Inspection / Diagnosis
Anti-lock (ABS) Systems
Pad Replacement
Lining Replacement
Resurfacing / Machining
Hose Replacement
Line Replacement
Master Cylinders
Wheel Cylinders
Parking Brakes
Power Boosters
Cool/Heat Systems
Inspection / Diagnosis
Preventive Maintenance
Water Pumps
Heater Cores
Electric Fans
Fan Clutches
Head Gaskets
Transmission Coolers
Air Conditioning Service
Catalytic Converters
Exhaust Pipes
Tail Pipes
Crossover Pipes
Clamps and Hangers
Exhaust Manifolds
Gasket Replacement
Electrical Services
Battery / Alternator / Starter
Interior / Exterior Lights
Instrument / Gauges
Electrical Wiring
Power Accessories
Heater Controls
A/C Controls
Electronic Climate Controls
Engine “Tune-Up”
Fuel Systems
Inspection / Diagnosis
Electronic Duel Injection (EFI)
Diesel Fuel Injection
Fuel Filters
Fuel Pumps
Fuel Lines
Fuel Hoses
Fuel Tanks
Fuel Gauges
Glow Plugs
Suspension Services
Inspection / Diagnosis
Shocks / Struts
Tires / Wheels
Ball Joints
Leaf Springs
Coil Springs
Control Arms
Drive Train System
Engine Replacement
Transmission Replacement
Differential Replacement
CV Shafts
Drive Shafts
Wheel Bearings
Maintenance Services
Oil & Filter Change
Factory Scheduled Maintenance
30, 60, 90K Mile Service
Transmission Service
Brake Fluid Service
Cooling System Service
Power Steering Service
Differential Service
Fuel Injection Service
Throttle Body Service
Battery Service
Windshield Washers
Wiper Blades
Filter Replacements
Chassis Lubrication

Do you have to buy a new car if your engine/transmission goes up?